Our Story

C.E.O. Levonne Leuenberger

C.E.O. Levonne Leuenberger

Over the last twenty years working in children’s ministries, I have developed a deep love and compassion for all children. It therefore broke my heart when I learned that almost 35,000 children in Georgia don’t live to take their first breath but are aborted each and every year. I also learned of the plight of teens that age out of the foster system: many become homeless, victims of sex trafficking or commit suicide. I believed that we, as the church, are charged to be the answer to both of these problems and to “speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.” (Prov 31:8). The question always on my mind was: “What can be done?”

Through much prayer and direction, the Lord led me to a divine appointment with my longtime friend and Pastor, Billy Humphrey, the director of the International House of Prayer Atlanta (IHOP-Atlanta). He shared with me that Georgia ranks eighth in abortions per year in the US and that he would love for IHOP to help change that. We decided to start an adoption agency that would minister to birth moms, and make it easier for them to choose life over death for their unborn children. We decided to start an agency that made it more affordable for Christian couples to adopt children: newborn children that were saved from being aborted, children that needed loving homes, children that would otherwise grow up in a broken foster system, and children that would most likely become just another statistic.

Now, four years later through the anointing, favor and wisdom of the Lord, Embracing Life Adoption Agency (ELAA) has received its state license and we are beginning to realize our dream of saving children’s lives through providing stable, loving, Godly homes to welcome them. ELAA is not only our initials: it means “to live” and that is our goal: to help children to live.

ELAA is committed providing: An abortion alternative for birthmothers that wish to “Choose Life” for their unborn child (Jeremiah 1:5); provide loving homes and families for children in the foster system (Psalm 68:5); and helping to fulfill the prayers of couples looking to answer the Lord’s call to receive a child into their life (Matthew 18:5).

This is our Story.  This is or Calling.  This is our Passion.

-Levonne Leuenberger